Beach Please

Beach Please


A new beach per day? Sure, no problem! One of the great things about Tortola is the variety of those perfect white sand beaches that line the island. We’ve spent the last few days exploring several of these truly stunning beaches. They are all just a little bit different, some with calm glassy water, some with huge surf-able waves, some with great snorkeling, and some with smooth sandy bottoms.


We’ve spend time at two different “Long Bay” beaches (yes, two beaches on opposite sides of the island are both called Long Bay), Brewers Bay, Josiah’s Bay, back to Smugglers Cove, did a day trip to neighboring Virgin Gorda to explore The Baths, and enjoyed a quick trip to a very unique “shell museum”.  We’ve also met a few local restaurant owners who serve delicious cuisine, but just need a little help from A Corporate Image to market their businesses.


Personally, one of my favorite parts of our trip is the sunset that falls behind the neighboring islands and over the Caribbean Sea. I’ve gotten into the habit of capturing a few shots each evening, and I am loving each of them. Just like the islands beaches, they are equally stunning, but each episode is unique.


Here are a few shots from Tortola Day 2-6. More to come soon…


IMG_1508 IMG_1562 IMG_1565 IMG_1593 IMG_1521 IMG_1657 IMG_1634 IMG_1626 IMG_1510 IMG_1840 IMG_1825 IMG_1528 IMG_1774 IMG_1748 IMG_1515 IMG_1730 IMG_1716 IMG_1707 IMG_1679

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