European Excursion

Blog by our Spring 2017 Intern, Sophia Lupetin   Hi everyone! I have just returned from my amazing ten-day trip to Europe! Those ten days went by so fast but it’s an experience I’ll remember forever. I traveled to Europe through a seminar class that I am...

Spring is Here (but not really)

The smell of spring was in the air this afternoon (and some wind), which gave us an opportunity to step outside for a little "get to know our interns" video.  Thank you to our Spring 2017 Quinnipiac interns for putting this together.

This House Sold In Four Days

And before we realized it… February is over! During my last blog, I was lounging on the white sand and soaking up the warm sun on our vacation in Tortola. The shock of getting back to reality hit my entire family, but I did have...

Beach Please

  A new beach per day? Sure, no problem! One of the great things about Tortola is the variety of those perfect white sand beaches that line the island. We’ve spent the last few days exploring several of these truly stunning beaches. They are all just...

2017: Bring It On

Here we are… the beginning of a brand new year. The fabulous (and I feel “long awaited”) 2017! Cue the fireworks!!!   I’ve noticed a pretty strong feeling of “this is going to be the year” going around between my conversations with friends, family, business acquaintances, and...