European Excursion

European Excursion

Blog by our Spring 2017 Intern, Sophia Lupetin


Hi everyone! I have just returned from my amazing ten-day trip to Europe! Those ten days went by so fast but it’s an experience I’ll remember forever. I traveled to Europe through a seminar class that I am taking at Quinnipiac so I was able to experience this trip with some of my best friends. As a class, we traveled to four different countries, Switzerland, Italy, France and Monaco.

The first country we traveled to was Switzerland and we toured the cities of Zurich and Lucerne. They were both beautiful and had amazing views of the Swiss Alps. My hotel was on the countryside and had views of the Swiss Alps and the rolling farmland from my window.

The next country we traveled to was Italy and that was my favorite. The first city we saw was Verona and we took pictures in front of Romeo and Juliet’s balcony. We then traveled to Venice and got to visit a glass blowing factory, since Venice is known for their Murano glass. After Venice, we ended up in Florence, probably my favorite city. I loved being surrounded by the hustle and bustle and the history the city had to offer. Next was Pisa and of course everyone took their typical, cliché pictures trying to hold up the leaning tower.

Our next-stop after Italy was France. We stayed along the French Riviera in a city called Nice. The city had a beautiful boardwalk with various different restaurants along the beach. We took a daylong excursion to Monaco, which seemed like a different world honestly. The country is so wealthy and that is clearly evident with all the luxurious cars and buildings it consists of. Our last day was spent in Nice and my friends and I were able to spend quality time on the beach enjoying the ocean in mid-March.

This trip gave me a good excuse to pull out my camera. While I had my iPhone on me to take selfies, I wanted to make sure I was also to capture the true beauty of each country through the high quality pictures my camera is able to take. Comment below and let us know some of your favorite vacation spots!

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  • Emily / 23 March 2017 3:18

    My favorite vacation spot is definitely California. My family and I flew into Los Angeles, then went to San Diego and Santa Monica. We went to the San Diego Zoo and saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame. My favorite part was definitely the boardwalk in Santa Monica. Highly recommended!

  • Megan / 23 March 2017 3:22

    I too loved Florence! Beautiful pictures!

  • Sarah / 23 March 2017 3:47

    Great blog post! I have to say Italy is definitely my new favorite vacation spot, it’s beautiful and the food is delicious!!

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