This House Sold In Four Days

This House Sold In Four Days

And before we realized it… February is over! During my last blog, I was lounging on the white sand and soaking up the warm sun on our vacation in Tortola. The shock of getting back to reality hit my entire family, but I did have a (very very cold) real estate shoot at 10:00 the next morning after our late night return to the arctic land of Connecticut.


I personally love doing real estate work. I enjoy working with the builders, the flippers and all the talented agents. When I go into a home, we always take the “traditional” shots, but I love to really showcase the detail of each home. What make it unique? Why is this house different? What is going to catch the attention of a buyer who looks at hundreds of pictures in their search for the perfect dream home?


This Hamden cape was listed three days after our shoot, and was sold four days later. If there is anything that directly proves that real estate photography works… this is it. Yes, the house was recently flipped, it was in a desirable location, and the price was fair considering the updates, but the realtor and myself have no doubt that the photography helped sell this home… even without staging and on a cloudy winter morning.


IMG_2108 IMG_2166 IMG_2208 IMG_2310 IMG_2375 IMG_2385 IMG_2434

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